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Category: Refinancing

Using Home Equity to Reduce Credit-Card Debt

Using Home Equity

Reducing credit-card debt can be an important step on the path towards achieving your financial goals. For many homeowners, putting your home equity to work can be a good solution, and using home equity to reduce your credit-card debt is

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What Can You Use the Funds from a Cash-out Refinance For?

Cash-out Refinance

Most homeowners are aware they can do a cash-out refinance on their homes. But what they may not be entirely aware of is how many beneficial uses there are for the funds from a cash-out refinance. And with the recent

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Pros and Cons of a Cash-out Refinance

Cash-out Refinance

The cash-out refinance has become a common mortgage type. Homeowners use the equity in their homes to obtain funds for many reasons. But is it always a good thing to do? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Let’s look at the pros

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