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How a Foreclosure Impacts Your Credit

Foreclosure Impacts Your Credit

For some mortgage borrowers, the dream of homeownership can turn into a nightmare in the case of a foreclosure. Because of the impact on your credit, it’s a situation best avoided, but sometimes a foreclosure is unavoidable due to a

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Building an Emergency Fund vs. Paying Down Debt

Building an Emergency Fund

For some personal finance questions, there’s a straightforward answer. Building an emergency fund, for example, is solid financial advice. But is saving still the best answer if you hold high-interest debt? The answer isn’t so easy when taken together. That’s

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5 Reasons to Establish Good Credit Early

establish good credit

If you’re young and just coming out of school, it may not seem important to establish good credit early. In fact, you may even want to avoid credit entirely to keep your obligations low and your life simple. But there

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